It doesn’t matter whether it is a home or business the final touches need to be added to the decor to make the interior look finished and fine art pieces can accomplish this. Buildings that provide public entertainment like Casinos or theatres, or service buildings often include different pieces of art into their interior design.

There are so many different types of art work that can be used for this purpose but one of the favourites of many is landscape paintings.

Although this type of art all has something in common which means it focuses on scenes from nature such as forests, and mountains or bodies of water it can also be created from the imagination of the artist. Different depictions of the sky are often included in the piece and weather depiction play an important role in which the scene is portrayed. This kind of art goes back many years. For the true landscape paintings that do not contain any type of figure, this dates back to Minoan Greece to the Frescos.

When one looks at landscape paintings that belong to different regions then can be differences in the artist’s renditions that can be noted. There are differences of opinions as to where landscape paintings first took on their popularity.

One of the attributes of these types of painting is that they have a calming effect to them and even though they may be of a specific region everyone that views the paintings is drawn to some different aspect about them. Some may find the portions of the land that are being portrayed is the most significant part of the piece while other may find that it is the rendition of the sky. The landscape paintings that are really done well can clearly signify the time of day that the picture is portraying.