The Impressive Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu

The Christchurch Art Gallery is a wonderful presentation of the visual arts that provides you with an amazing experience from the moment you lay eyes on this building. Appreciation of the visual arts begins just with the design of the building alone. What you will be immediately impressed with to start your visit here at the Gallery will be the “Reason for Voyaging” sculpture that is present in the forecourt of the gallery.

The preservation of art works is of such an importance here in New Zealand that the Christchurch Art Gallery was built to be able to handle seismic events, although the 2011 earthquake that affected this area did do some damage to the building.

When you visit the Christchurch Art Gallery, of course, you will have the opportunity to browse around and enjoy all of the exhibits. However, there is much more going on here that you may want to take the time to enjoy. There are many talks, presentations and focuses on specific pieces at the gallery at scheduled times.

The gallery is so busy and plays such an important role in the tourism of the area that it has over 40 guides who volunteer their services here and they could use even more. While it is fun to just ramble through the gallery and look at the pieces that interest you it is so much more intriguing when you can learn about the artists and what may have inspired them to complete a specific work of art.

There is no doubt even if you are not an art lover that you will leave the Christchurch Art Gallery with a new appreciation of art. It will most like be one of your most talked about adventures when you are sharing your experiences about what you see and did while in NZ

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